If you wake-up with headaches or sore/tense jaw and neck, this could be a sign of grinding your teeth throughout the night. When you clench and grind your teeth or suffer from TMJ, a night guard can help minimize the forces on your jaw joint and help protect your teeth.

Most of the time this is an unconscious habit, but over time can cause damage to your teeth and jaw and require major dental work.

To protect your teeth from the harmful effects of tooth grinding, a night guard is recommended. A small piece of plastic is worn over your teeth to shield from the pressure of teeth grinding while you sleep.

A night guard is a transparent, thin device you wear over the biting surface of your teeth when sleeping and prevents your top and bottom teeth from touching. These guards are custom-molded to fit your teeth, and will fit without being bulky or uncomfortable.

Another benefit to wearing a night guard is because it helps relieve discomfort – it will help create healthy sleep patterns. A custom-made night guard will fit into your mouth perfectly which will allow your muscles to relax and reduce stress.

Basic night guards are available over the counter which will most likely involve boiling and then molding it to your teeth, but the most effective night guards are custom-fitted by a dental professional to ensure you receive the maximum benefit.

Breckenridge Dental offers custom night guards (mouth guards) to keep your teeth safe from grinding! Contact us to schedule an appointment!

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