Come prepared to your next dental appointment by asking these questions. We want you to leave feeling confident and smiling, so don’t leave our office without letting us know about any of your questions or concerns!

Ten Questions to Ask

How is my dental health overall?

We will be able to tell you anything we notice that you should keep an eye on and if you need to change any of your habits.

Does it look like I grind my teeth? 

If you grind your teeth, we may recommend you get a mouth guard for you to wear while you are sleeping to prevent any further damage to your teeth. Grinding your teeth may cause excessive wear on your teeth and give you headaches and jaw pain. 

Is there anything in my diet I should change for my dental health?

The worst things for your teeth are sweet foods, particularly hard candies and sodas. Crackers, potato chips, and anything sticky or starchy can harm your dental health.

What can I do about my teeth sensitivity?

Teeth sensitivity is usually caused by weakened enamel. We have various ways to manage this condition.

How can I get whiter teeth?

Some over-the-counter teeth whitening products may make your teeth more sensitive. We will tell you more about our teeth whitening treatment and give you our best tips for keeping them white.

Do I need any dental treatments?

We will let you know about anything we can do for you to improve your dental health and recommend treatment if necessary. 

How can I improve my smile?

We will most likely recommend you to stop smoking if you currently do and eat a healthy, balanced diet that includes plenty of nutrients to support your bones.

How do my gums look?

Your gums can tell a lot about your overall dental health, such as being at risk for gum disease. We’ll take a look and keep an eye out for signs of your gums receding or disease.

What is causing the pain in my teeth?

We want to help relieve your pain and will look to find the root of the issue so you can continue eating, talking, and living without experiencing pain or discomfort.

Am I at risk for dental disease in the future?

You may be more prone to certain dental diseases than others in some cases. Let us know about your dental history such as poor hygiene practices or any hereditary conditions. 

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Make sure to floss and brush your teeth before your appointment to make it as easy as possible for your dental hygienist to clean your teeth.

Of course if you have any other questions, we are happy to answer them! Contact us to schedule your next appointment today.

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