Halitosis, or bad breath, can act as a repellent to other humans. Luckily, this condition isn’t permanent and can be improved through good dental hygiene such as flossing and brushing your teeth and tongue. Often, it’s not the foods that cause bad breath, but the bacteria our bodies create to break down food compounds.

Here are a couple of the worst offenders.


A beloved food that is terrifying to vampires and your first date with someone new. Although it is utterly delicious, you may want to avoid this food if you’re concerned about bad breath. 

Odorous compounds from this food actually leach out through your skin for a while before leaving the body completely!


Onion is a common ingredient in many dishes that can cause your breath to reek. It is actually in the same family as garlic, the allium family, which means they are similar in composition and contain many of the same sulfur compounds. 

Canned tuna 

Tuna has a pungent fishy smell that may make your breath smell less than ideal.


Cheese, milk, and ice cream are beloved staples in an American’s diet. However, they may also be causing you bad breath. As your body works to digest dairy, it releases hydrogen sulfide which is the culprit behind the odor. 


Coffee and alcohol are known to dry out the mouth and dehydrate you which may make it more susceptible to bacteria growth which is usually wiped away by saliva.

Quick Tips on Improving Bad Breath

Concerned about these foods causing bad breath? Instead, you can opt for foods like fresh veggies and fruits. 

The importance of good dental hygiene cannot be understated when it comes to dealing with bad breath!

Keep in mind that mouthwash does not treat the problem completely and may actually dry out your mouth due to its alcohol content.

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