Worried about your bad breath? There may be daily habits causing your bad breath that you’re not aware of. The most obvious is most likely not brushing or flossing daily – but we have a few factors that haven’t yet crossed your mind. 

6 Habits that may be the Cause of Bad Breath

  1. High-Sugar or High-Protein DietsOf course, garlic and onion can cause bad breath, but did you know high consumptions of sugar and protein can also cause bad breath? Foods that are high in sugar can cause existing bacteria in your mouth to increase, leaving behind a bitter taste and aroma that can be hard to wash out. For diets that are high in protein, it can be difficult for your body to digest with proper balance. Too much protein causes your body to produce sulfurous gases. This can lead to an unpleasant smell released orally — the solution would be to maintain a balanced diet that will keep your breath fresh and regulate your health.
  2. Prescription Medications – Many medications such as antibiotics can cause symptoms of dry mouth, which can result in bad breath. When your mouth is dry, odor-causing bacteria will increase, trying to sustain in the dry environment. To combat this try drinking more water and carrying around gum or mints.
  3. Alcohol and Smoking – Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol and, even if it is just a few glasses of wine before bed, can cause low production of saliva, (along with smoking) which can lead to bad breath. Again, any substance that causes dry mouth increases the production of odor-causing bacteria.
  4. You Breathe from Your Mouth – Breathing mostly through your mouth causes your saliva to evaporate, which leads to dry mouth, which then prevents food particles from being washed away down your throat, leading to bad breath.
  5. You Don’t Drink Enough Water – Your mouth relies on saliva to consistently get rid of food particles throughout your day. When you’re dehydrated, dry mouth sets in and causes a distinct odor.
  6. You Skip Meals – The amount of saliva in your mouth comes into play again when you skip a meal or two.

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As you can concur, a dry mouth is most likely the root to your bad breath. Getting dry mouth can be many different ways, so be aware of what may be causing it if it’s something you’re a bit embarrassed of. Schedule your appointment with us today.

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