It’s been almost a year now since the United States went into quarantine due to Coronavirus. That also means almost a full year of wearing a mask at our jobs, to the grocery store and out and about in everyday life. Of course, masks are important to keep us safe, but we also want you to be aware of the effects of wearing masks on your oral health to be safe and healthy – also known as mask mouth.

Wearing a mask increases the dryness in your mouth which is what bacteria feeds off of to grow. Your body produces saliva to fight bacteria, but when masks are worn and your mouth becomes dry, the saliva can’t do its job. Saliva also prevents viruses from entering the body which is important.

Here are 4 effects of mask mouth:

Increase of Tooth Decay

Mask mouth and less saliva being produced to flush food particles will cause an increase of tooth decay. This happens because sugar helps bacteria thrive and with the food particles not being removed you see tooth decay.

Inflamed Gums

Your gums may become swollen or even start to bleed. When your body’s immune system starts to see an increase of bacteria in your mouth, your gums can become inflamed and potentially lead to periodontal disease.

Bad Breath

Because of dry mouth caused by the mask, this can become intensified and traps the stench produced by poor oral hygiene.

Gum Disease

Once someone has gum disease, it is an irreversible dental condition and will require care for the rest of your life.

Breckenridge Dental Care recommends breathing through the nose, keep drinking water, and maintain oral hygiene to avoid dry mouth and the dental problems that come with it.  And be sure to schedule your teeth cleanings!

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