Have you ever made your dental hygiene appointment in advance (like every great patient does!) and then accidentally forgotten about the appointment? It happens more than you think, because hygiene appointments are typically made about 6 months in advance. At Breckenridge Dental Care, say goodbye to forgetting about your appointments and hello to finalized confirmations and reminders! Our hygienists are in popular demand, so this process helps them serve as many patients as possible, most efficiently! See info about this new appointment conformation process below:

What Is It?
Breckenridge Dental Care will now start a process where patients must confirm their appointment, so we can ensure patients are prepared to come to the office for their scheduled visit.

How Will it Work?

  1. 28-Day-Out Confirmation: We will text/send a postcard to patients 28 days in advance of the scheduled appointment to remind them of the date and time of the appointment. There is no action required from the patient during this conversation, unless they want to reschedule.
  2. 7-Day-Out Confirmation: We will text/call patients 7 days in advance of the scheduled appointment to remind them of the date and time of the appointment. Action IS required during this conversation. The patient will either confirm or reschedule the appointment.
    1. When the patient confirms their appointment, we will send a text reminder again 1 day before the appointment.

What If I Forget to Respond?

If the patient does not confirm their appointment 7 days out, we will call the patient to get a confirmation.  If within 1 day, we still have not received a confirmation from the patient, we may have to cancel the unconfirmed appointment and we will allow another patient to take that appointment.

Why Are We Doing This?

This new process is an effort to help patients get into hygienists as soon as possible. If patients call to make an appointment, but all the appointments are taken for an extended period of time, we maintain a “Quick Call” list of patients who are willing to come to an appointment that opens up. If someone cancels or doesn’t confirm an appointment, we’ll give you a call!


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