Have you ever gone to the dentist and been curious about that tray of shiny tools and what they’re for?  The dental hygienist has over a dozen tools to help keep your teeth healthy.

Here are a few that are regularly used in a dental office:


Probes look like hooks and are used to assess gum health and measure pocket depths around your teeth. There are multiple different probes that are each designed to detect specific oral health issues.


The curette is used to scrape tartar from under the gums. The curette has a rounded, spoon-shaped end with a hole in it. It allows the dental hygienist to remove dental calculus, a hard deposit found at the base of your teeth.


The scaler is used to actually scrape away plaque and tartar from your teeth.


This electric tool is used to polish your teeth up and make them shiny and bright, removing surface stains.


The small, rounded mirror allows the hygienist to see your teeth at multiple angles.


Your dental hygienist likely uses a suction tool to remove collecting saliva from the mouth during your cleaning. The suction eliminates the need for you to spit over a sink and also helps to keep your teeth dry when they need to be dry. For example, during a filling procedure, they teeth need to be dry.

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